I know…I am one with god, greatest omnipotence, whose strength and power lovingly FLOW through me at all times!

Sahasrara Chakra
The seventh chakra is called the Crown Chakra and the original Sanskrit name is Sahasrara. The translation of Sahasrara is ‘thousand-fold’. The Crown Chakra is depicted as a lotus flower with a thousand white leaves, the symbol of infinity and tuned into the highest form of consciousness and the divine. This chakra is located on the crown of the head and spreads out upwards in a cone-like way.

The seventh chakra is connected to the pineal gland in the endocrine system. The Crown Chakra is our connection to the Universe, just like the Root chakra is our connection to Mother Earth. It is also the centre where we connect to the Divine. The life lesson of this chakra is expression of gratitude. If this chakra is blocked you may feel hopeless and have destructive thoughts.

The Crown Chakra stands for wisdom and being one with the world. When open, you will show no prejudice and be very aware of the world and yourself. If underactive you will not be very spiritually aware and possibly quite limited in your thinking. If overactive you could be too addicted to spirituality to the extent that you ignore your other needs. You may also over think things. The issues of the crown chakra are understanding, thought and the connection of the individual self with universal creation. We see divinity in all matter; here we liberate the spirit without getting lost in the infinite or astral level by retaining a home in our body through grounding.

Position : Top of The Head
Colour : Violet
Element : Space (Light/Thought) | Planet: Rahu. Moon for Right brain, Mercury for left brain
Gland : Pineal
System : Nervous System
Organs & Body Parts : Upper Brain
Objective : Connection to God and Spirit, Divinity, Belief Systems, Revelation, Divine Consciousness, Knowledge, Spiritual Awareness, Wisdom, Bliss, Enlightenment and Charity
Seat of : Universal Consciousness
Seed Mantra : ANG
Meditation Mudra : Akash Mudra
When the Sahasrara Chakra is imbalanced life becomes tough and full of challenges. You lack focus and direction. There is boredom, frustration and absence of joy which may result in migraines, melancholy, senility and loss of self. It could also cause learning difficulties and a general lack of interest, enthusiasm or concern. In face of traumatic situations, you give up hope, lose faith in yourself and resort to escapism from reality.
When your Sahasarara Chakra is balanced you possess great intuitive knowledge and grow wise. You are also aware of your spiritual self. You are selflessly devoted to the well-being of others as you see others as part of you and not separate from you. As a person you are grounded and you take care of yourself.
When your Sahasrara Chakra is overactive you would have trouble grounding yourself, making it difficult for others to take you seriously. You may possess a “God Complex” and consider yourself better than others around you. Such people intellectualize things too much and are addicted to spirituality while ignoring their bodily needs. They may feel disconnected from the physical world and have problems relating to people.
When the Sahasrara Chakra is under-active you will feel that you lack a purpose in life and that everything is meaningless. You may feel unloved and blame circumstances outside you or even God. You will face difficulties in coordinating your life, be clumsy and lack balance in life. It will be difficult for you to grasp new ideas, lack desire to explore your inner self, and have an excessive fear of death.

Giving up Illusion of Possession

We are under constant illusion that we possess our dear ones, people around us, our job, assets, and other material possessions. This puts us under pressure as we fear losing them. What we own today is transient and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. So, detach yourself from the bondage.

Not taking Things Personally

We can control our behaviour but not that of others as it’s a product of their upbringing, experiences and thinking. Hence, if they hurt you learn not to take it too personally.

Release Illusion of Dependency

When we experience something that we like we feel joy, be it food, a beautiful painting or a scenic landscape. However, it’s not the external stimulus that brings us joy but the soul’s conscious presence in our body. External stimulus can bring us joy as well as pain, but the Experience of Soul gives you true happiness. Learn to live as a soul and a being all throughout.

Drop your Discontentment

You may feel you don’t have things that other do and it slowly builds up into discontentment. Release this to find that you always attract with attitude of contentment.

Have Faith

When you pray to God to make things happen, he actually makes them happen through you by giving you the required strength. God makes you fail so that you rise higher to get what you truly deserve. Have Faith in God’s Design.

If you Believe that

  • I feel hopeless and feel that nothing ever works for me.
  • I feel very discontented with my life
  • I feel my prayers are not heard
  • I feel I am unlucky
  • I feel lost and feel nothing ever works for me
  • I think obsessively and am always confused
  • I think obsessively and I’m always confused.
  • I do not feel aligned to people.
  • I feel like I’m on my own and that my prayers and meditations are not heard or received by the higher power.

If you have problems, Issues and Disease with

  • Upper Brain

If you have

  • Skin Diseases
  • Dizziness
  • Migraine
  • Mental Illness

If you Struggle with

  • Knowledge
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Connection with God
  • Wisdom
  • Bliss
  • Enlightenment

Heal Your Sahasrara Chakra

Prctice Double Breath for 30 seconds to 1 Minitues. Mentally guide your mind with reverse counting 5-4-3-2-1-0; Then give command RELAX
lotus-pose-meditationSit Ideally in Lotus Pose, put your hands before your stomach. Let the ring fingers point up, touching at their tops. Cross the rest of your fingers, with the left thumb underneath the right.

Concentrate on the Crown chakra at the top of your head. Chant the sound ANG.

Do for 10 minutes and feel the sensation of awakening of the Sahasrara Chakra.

Tap The Energy Points and SAY

  • I Tap-It-Out Tapping Energy PointsI Tap-it-Out – my lack of faith.
  • I Tap-it-Out – the belief that money is evil
  • I Tap-it-Out – deep stress
  • I Tap-it-Out –  spiritual confusion
  • I Tap-it-Out – the feeling that I don’t trust God
  • I Tap-it-Out – lack of trust
  • I Tap-it-Out – lack of devotion
  • I Tap-it-Out – negative thoughts
  • I Tap-it-Out – hopelessness

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  • Salamba Sirhasana (Headstand)
  • Matsyasana (Fish Pose)
  • Padmasana (Lotus Pose)
  • Savasana (Corpse Pose)
  • Vriksasana (Tree Pose)
  • Focusing on dreams and writing down one’s visions and inventions.
  • Quiet contemplation, meditation and yoga.
  • Listening to guided meditation tapes. Taking spiritual courses.
  • Use aroma therapy oils such as Lavender, Jasmine, Magnolia.
  • Wear 9 Mukhi Rudraksha or Amethyst or White quartz gemstones
  • Bathe in the violet color in your clothing, decor, art and Drink water from
    Violet Colour Therapy Water Container.
  • Massage with Crown Chakra Oil on the tips of 1st, 2nd, 3rd fingers. On the sole – on the end areas of the plantar surface of big toe, brimming on the inner face opposite the second toe, clockwise.